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Introducing our luscious garden mulch products each with their own unique characteristics to help your garden thrive all year round. Available as Mānuka or Mānuka+Seaweed.

So wonderfully rich and natural, your garden will love you for it.

Garden Mulch

Our native Mānuka brush garden mulch is the ultimate way to protect and enhance your garden. The Mānuka effectively retains moisture so you can use less water plus as the mulch breaks down it becomes an incredibly rich compost which helps to build humus for improved soil balance and structure.

You will love the look and smell and feel of our luscious Mānuka garden mulch as you work with it and see the results on your garden year round.

Mānuka + Seaweed
Garden Mulch

Our Mānuka+Seaweed option is so much more than a basic garden mulch. The mixed seaweed combined with the Mānuka is packed full of trace minerals, essential nutrients and naturally occurring hormones to encourage plant growth – you can literally see the gorgeous lumps of nutrients mixed in with the Mānuka as you work with this rich, vibrant mulch.

The Mānuka keeps the soil moist and helps to build humus for soil balance and structure. While the seaweed effectively feeds your plants to create the ultimate growing environment for your garden.

Using Kōlush…

  1. You will need approximately 20L of mulch per square metre of garden.
  2. Dig about 200mm into your garden.
  3. Plant your fruit, veges, flowers, trees as per their instructions.
  4. Always water well before and after planting.

What will KŌLUSH do for your garden?

Moisture Retention

Get the most out of the moisture available in the soil and the environment as well as the convenience of reduced watering.

Soil Structure

As the Mānuka mulch breaks down in your garden it builds humus, facilitating balance and improved soil structure.

Nutrient Rich

Seaweed has traditionally been used for thousands of years to provide a full range of chelated nutrients.