Sustainability from Our Garden to Yours

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at New Zealand Seaweeds. In fact, as a division of New Zealand Mānuka Group, our sustainability story can be literally traced from land to consumer, from our coastlines to your home.

No resources are wasted and we take care to reduce our footprint on the land wherever possible not only for the local Maori, protectors of their ancient lands and our partner in these activities, but also for the generations who are following in our footsteps.

Our KōLUSH Garden Mulch products are just one example of how we take care to realise the full value of our Mānuka super plants.

To produce our powerful MβTK Mānuka oil range, we harvest the tops of our Mānuka trees, extract the oil from the brush and what is left is a Mānuka mulch still rich in nutrients which has been pressed down to a fibrous mix perfect for the garden.

The way we go about producing pharmaceutical grade Agar has given us another incredible resource which is now being added to other products in our business such as our KōBEE Bee Nutrition tonic and our KōFERT Plant & Soil Nutrition liquid.

Agar comes from dried and processed pterocladia (red) seaweed. We collect this seaweed by hand and using tractors along the coastlines where it is washed up by the tide. The collected seaweed is then brought back to our factory in either Marterson or Opotiki where sorters separate the pterocladia needed for producing Agar. To make full use of this valuable resource, our team of scientists looked into the profile and attributes of the brown and green seaweed bi-catch. They have now identified that these seaweeds also have their own unique combination of nutrients which are very beneficial across a wide range of applications - for the land, for our bees and for our gardens.

As the result of our seaweed collection activities, we produce KōBEE Bee Nutrition, we have a Mānuka+Seaweed KōLUSH Garden Mulch and we have recently launched our new range of plant & soil nutrition products which will are branded as KōFERT.

Find out more about New Zealand Mānuka Group's sustainability values and activities here.