Seaweed to give your garden a nutrient boost!

Beachcast seaweed is literally packed full of micro-nutrients and natural plant growth hormones ideal for giving your plants a natural boost. It is also full of carbohydrates which are not only good for plants but these essential micro-organisms will help form a healthy soil for your future growing environment.

Seaweed is great at enriching the soil, conditioning and mulching. It can effectively be used all year round in your garden and is incredibly healthy to us, to our animals, to our soils and our plants. It’s particularly useful in autumn, winter and early spring as an effective soil preparation for new plantings.

As seaweed breaks down into the soil, it encourages micro-organisms whose activities help convert unavailable nutrients into forms that plants can use. It increases chlorophyll production and contains many micronutrients important for soil and plant health, as well as acting as a growth stimulant it is rich in cytokinins - plant growth hormones that work above and below ground, improving root growth.

The benefits of using seaweed in the garden are many and varied. Not only is it a great fertilizer packed with trace minerals and ready to use nutrients, it also contains natural hormones to encourage plant growth. Seaweed is excellent for aerating the soil and has the added benefits of delivering those nutrients and minerals. It’s beneficial in preventing fungus and disease because it helps to grow strong, healthy plants and healthy plants are able to resist fungus and disease.

Aside from resorting to the obvious and most traditional method of collecting & adding seaweed to your garden, the easiest and best way to inject your garden with this incredibly, natural food is by mixing it through your garden mulch.Why is why we developed our Mānuka garden mulch to also include a Mānuka+Seaweed option!

Seaweed has traditionally been used for thousands of years to provide a full range of chelated nutrients, effectively feeding your plants to create the ultimate growing environment.