KōLUSH Supports Parent School Garden Initiative

St Thomas More Catholic School parent and permaculture advocate, Katie Horrocks, took the initiative to revive and develop the school garden with the support of volunteers and other local businesses including a donation of Manuka+Seaweed KōLUSH Garden Mulch from New Zealand Seaweeds.

While completing a permaculture course which promotes permaculture’s three core values as Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share, Katie Horrocks has been inspired to share her knowledge and these philosophies through her children and their primary school, Mount Maunganui-based, St Thomas More Catholic School.

“The course made me think about the importance of kids building a better relationship with food and understanding where their food comes from,” explains Katie. “I asked our school principal if I could use a section of the yard to start a small garden as a permaculture project for the students.”

Katie’s small garden quickly grew to include the three garden beds built last year but not properly maintained plus an additional raised garden donated for the project.

“Our biggest challenge from the start is how to improve the soil quality so we can create the best possible environment to grow our fruit and vegetables,” says Katie.

The donation of ten bags of Manuka+Seaweed KōLUSH Garden Mulch by New Zealand seaweeds along with the support of other volunteer parents and kids plus donations from other businesses, including EcoPodConcepts and Tui Garden, has been a huge help in helping Katie to realise her dream of allowing kids to grow and learn about as well as eat their own produce.

Katie is thrilled with the amount of support and enthusiasm she has received so far, “We’ve had parents donate fruit trees plus I’ve cultivated my own seedlings at home from the packets.Whenever I’m working in the garden kids come up and ask what I’m doing and are always keen to help.”

To find out more about Katie’s gardening projects, follow her on Facebook or Instagram @WhatKatieDug.