Building Your Lasagna Garden Using KŌLUSH Garden Mulch

What Is Lasagna Gardening?

Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till, weed-free gardening system that consists of layering organic material in a way to form a garden bed. It has also been referred to as sheet mulching, sheet gardening, or sheet composting.

The organic materials are layered on top of one another much like making a lasagna, hence the name. This method of gardening results in loose, rich soil that is perfect for growing organic vegetables and herbs.

One of the greatest advantages to lasagna gardening is just how simple and easy it is. Everything you use is pretty much the same things you would use to compost. Now you are just adding them directly to form an organic garden bed.

Here’s a basic recipe for creating a lasagna garden of your own...

  1. Cover your garden space with a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard. Don’t even worry about what’s underneath, it can be grass or weeds. You want to use brown corrugated cardboard, or three to five layers of newspaper.
  2. Once you have this layer spread out, wet it down good to keep it from blowing away and to jump-start the decomposition.
  3. The next layer should be any organic materials that you would normally use in a compost pile. You want to alternate the layers between “green” materials and “brown” materials.
    • First, put down a thick layer of the green materials – these would be grass clippings, raw vegetable peelings and scraps, herbivore manures, or used coffee grounds.
    • Next, put down a layer of brown materials – that would be items like dried leaves, aged hay, straw, shredded newspaper, or even dryer lint.
  4. We then recommend a layer of KŌLUSH Manuka+Seaweed which is packed full of all the nutrients (amino acids, trace minerals & elements) a good garden thrives on.
  5. Then a layer of Soil Mix
  6. Straw
  7. Soil Mix
  8. And last but not least, finish with a luscious layer of KŌLUSH Manuka which locks in the moisture and will eventually breakdown to also form an incredibly rich and fertile top soil - plus it makes your garden look great too!

The best time to start a lasagna garden is in the autumn. This will give all the materials a chance to compost down during the winter, and be ready for planting come spring.

You can construct a lasagna garden in the spring, but you should add more soil and garden mulch to the mixture so seedlings can be planted right away.