Nature’s Ingredients

We are very fortunate, here in New Zealand, to be surrounded by a wealth of natural resources literally on our front doorstep. As the ingredients we use are already native or found naturally all around our coastlines, our priority is to keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum while also providing jobs and income opportunities to the people and communities where our Mānuka and seaweed is grown or collected.


The Mānuka mulch we use comes from the wild and machine harvested Mānuka brush growing on plantations located on properties owned and managed by our local landowner partners. The trees on our plantations are naturally pollinated by bees which produce our incredible range of Mānuka honey products, and the tops of the trees are trimmed each year which not only helps with their longevity and future growth but also provides our ground-breaking MβTK™ Mānuka oil products.

The residual mulch which comes from creating Mānuka oil has been traditionally used by our landowner partners to support the growth of our Mānuka plantations. However, as our operations have expanded and our plantations are now up to bigger and more productive than ever before, we have more Mānuka mulch than we can recycle ourselves.

So now this wonderful resource is available to use on your garden at home!


As the largest New Zealand supplier of pharmaceutical grade Agar to the world market, a large portion of our operations is focused on the collection and processing of Pterocladia seaweed. Our collectors are local people who live in these remote coastal communities which the seaweed washes up natural with the tides or during big storms.

As with all beach cast seaweed collection activities, there is a large amount of other seaweed types collected in the process. Instead of rejecting seaweed not suitable for processing as Agar, we have discovered many other uses for this valuable resources such as combining into our Mānuka mulch to provide additional natural nutrients for aiding plant growth.

All our products are grown, collected and processed with the utmost care for our environment

New Zealand New Zealand Mānuka Group has a unique Fair Share programme with all Mānuka suppliers to ensure they receive a share of the profits of the product they have helped to produce.